This project has retired. For details please refer to its Attic page.
Lucy::Search::MatchAllQuery – Apache Lucy Documentation
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Lucy::Search::MatchAllQuery - Query which matches all documents.


MatchAllQuery is a utility class which matches all documents. Each match is assigned a score of 0.0, so that in composite queries, any document which matches against another part of the query will be ranked higher than a document which matches only via the MatchAllQuery.



my $match_all_query = Lucy::Search::MatchAllQuery->new;

Constructor. Takes no arguments.



my $compiler = $match_all_query->make_compiler(
    searcher    => $searcher     # required
    boost       => $boost        # required
    subordinate => $subordinate  # default: false

Abstract factory method returning a Compiler derived from this Query.

  • searcher - A Searcher.
  • boost - A scoring multiplier.
  • subordinate - Indicates whether the Query is a subquery (as opposed to a top-level query). If false, the implementation must invoke normalize() on the newly minted Compiler object before returning it.


Lucy::Search::MatchAllQuery isa Lucy::Search::Query isa Clownfish::Obj.