This project has retired. For details please refer to its Attic page.
Apache Clownfish – Symbiotic Object System
Apache Lucy™

Apache Clownfish

The Apache Clownfish "symbiotic" object system pairs with "host" programming language environments and facilitates the development of high performance language extensions.

Host language support

Bindings for the following hosts are under development:

  • C (feature-complete)
  • Go (experimental)
  • Perl 5 (feature-complete)
  • Python 3 / CPython (nascent)
  • Ruby / MRI (nascent)

Help wanted

The target audience for the current release of Clownfish is developers. Clownfish is developed by the Apache Lucy community, where it is used to provide host language bindings for the Lucy search engine library; we expect that as Clownfish matures it will eventually spin off as an independent project. If you would like to contribute to Clownfish, please join the Lucy developers mailing list.