This project has retired. For details please refer to its Attic page.
Apache Lucy™

Step-by-step introduction to Apache Lucy.

Explore Apache Lucy’s basic functionality by starting with a minimalist CGI search app based on Lucy::Simple and transforming it, step by step, into an “advanced search” interface utilizing more flexible core modules like Indexer and IndexSearcher.


Source materials

The source material used by the tutorial app – a multi-text-file presentation of the United States constitution – can be found in the sample directory at the root of the Lucy distribution, along with finished indexing and search apps.

sample/indexer_simple.c  # simple indexing executable
sample/search_simple.c   # simple search executable
sample/indexer.c         # indexing executable
sample/search.c          # search executable
sample/us_constitution   # corpus


The user is expected to be familiar with OO Perl and basic CGI programming.

The code in this tutorial assumes a Unix-flavored operating system and the Apache webserver, but will work with minor modifications on other setups.

See also

More advanced and esoteric subjects are covered in Cookbook.